4 Handy Tips to Decorate a Tiny Apartment

As the cost of housing continues to rise in cities, as well as the trend of reducing our carbon footprint, more and more people are making the move to tiny apartments.

Dense living has its upsides: it requires less maintenance, can be more environmentally friendly, and is often less expensive. For example, just compare condos for sale in Vancouver to houses for sale in the city to see the price premium that comes along with living in a larger space.

The Aesthetic Challenges of a Smaller Space

The downside of living in a tiny apartment, though, is it can be a challenge to decorate. Making a small unit attractive can take some serious planning, otherwise you may feel as though you’re trapped in a box. Here are four ways to make the most of your minute space.

Splurge on Select Items

tiny apartment decoration

This is one area in which you may want to stretch your budget, since each item you bring into your space will really matter. You want to make sure it’s the exactly right item — there’s no basement to store an unsightly and unwanted dresser. Look for standalone pieces that will instantly lend character to the room they’re in without commanding much space, such as a piece of wall art, loveseat, or rug.

Make the Right Colour Choice

tiny apartment colour

The most important, and cost effective, task you should start with is painting. Choose a nice, bright colour to help open up the space, like stark white or a light grey. If you want more personality, and to add depth to your place, try painting everything white with a really deep, dark accent wall – but avoid splashing it on all four walls as dark colours can shrink your space.

Put Your Furniture to Work

When living in a tiny space, every piece of furniture you own should have extra storage capability. For example, choose a bed with drawers underneath for pillows or clothes, a coffee table that opens up to store magazines, blankets and remote controls, and even a dining room table with drawers to store place mats and linen.

You can’t afford to let any piece of furniture go to waste in small apartment — each must complete at least two purposes, as furniture and as storage. Luckily, since small apartment living is so common now, tons of stores like Ikea and Hipvan cater to this market.

Invest in Storage Solutions

tiny apartment storage

Next, organisation is key. There’s no point in decorating your apartment if you can’t even see your stuff because it’s buried under clothes. Really spend some time thinking about the best ways to store your stuff, and then draw up a plan and purchase whatever tools you need to accomplish the task.

Amazon, Qoo10, or Lazada have amazing organisation tools, like mirrors that contain a jewelry armoire, easy screw-on shelves for the inside of closets doors where you can put shoes or cleaning supplies, and bag holders for the inside of cupboards so you can avoid bulky garbage cans that take up precious space.

And since you do have so little floor space, you’re going to want to use every inch of vertical space you can, like storing scarves on hooks above your dressing table and books on shelves running around the perimeter of your ceiling.

With a little creativity, dedication and foresight, you can have a beautifully decorated tiny apartment that you’ll love living in!

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* Main featured image by Fantastic Frank

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